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Regenerative medicine perfected through precision protein engineering

About Us

We are a regenerative medicines company focused on developing novel protein therapeutics that function by modulating Wnt signaling and other developmental cellular signaling pathways with the goal to control tissue stem cells and unleash tissue repair and rejuvenation.

Our Science

Using our proprietary protein engineering platform we have developed potent antibody like molecules (ANTs) that activate specific Frizzed receptor complexes [1].

Wnt ligand
AntlerA agonist

Wnt ligand (A) or AntlerA agonist (ANT) (B) mediated activation of the WNT-signaling pathway


  • 1. Yuyong Tao, Monika Mis, Levi Blazer, Mart Ustav Jr, Zachary Steinhart, Rony Chidiac, Elli Kubarakos, Siobhan O’Brien, Xiaomei Wang, Nick Jarvik, Nish Patel, Jarrett J. Adams, Jason Moffat, Stephane Angers and Sachdev S. Sidhu.
    Tailored tetravalent antibodies potently and specifically activate Wnt/Frizzled pathways in cells, organoids and mice eLIFE August 27, 2019


Scientific Founders

Dr. Dev Sidhu

Sachdev Sidhu, Ph.D

Dr. Sachdev Sidhu is a Professor in the Donnelly Centre, the Department of Molecular Genetics, and the Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. His research interest lies in the application of protein engineering to the development of new therapeutics.

Prior to joining the University of Toronto in April 2008, he spent a decade as a principal investigator in the Department of Protein Engineering at Genentech, Inc., where he led the development of phage-displayed synthetic antibody libraries. His laboratory has optimized a high throughput pipeline to develop exquisitely specific, high affinity synthetic antibodies using phage display screening and structure-guided library construction. This work has led to the generation of thousands of therapeutic-grade antibodies against virtually any target, including many relevant to human diseases such as cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases.

Dr. Sidhu holds a B.Sc and a Ph.D from Simon Fraser University and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Genentech.

Dr. Stephane Angers

Stephane Angers, Ph.D

Dr. Stephane Angers is a Professor in the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine at the University of Toronto. He is the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

His research focuses on understanding cellular signaling mechanisms with a specific interest on developmental signaling pathways.

Dr. Angers is internationally recognized for his use of functional genomic and proteomic approaches to study the mechanisms of intracellular signaling activated by growth factors and their receptors. A major focus of his team is the study of the Wnt family of secreted growth factors and the signaling mechanisms they govern in stem and progenitor cells during normal tissue homeostasis, degenerative diseases and cancer. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors such as the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences, GSK Award and the Canada Research Chair in Functional Architecture of Signal transduction.

Dr. Angers holds a B.Sc from McGill University, a Ph.D from the Université de Montréal and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Washington.


Somasekar Seshagiri

Somasekar Seshagiri


Dr. Seshagiri had a very successful 21 years tenure at Genentech, where he most recently served as an Associate Director and Staff Scientist. There he established a state-of-the-art genomics laboratory, conducted research in cancer and cell signaling areas and participated in drug development. He has authored/co-authored over eighty papers that included key publications in top tier journals such as Nature, Science, Cancer Cell and Nature Genetics.



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